Tuesday, January 10, 2017


Things that make me happy are being able to play video games with my best friends. We play a game called Grand Theft Auto V. Other things that make me happy are being able to spend time with my cousin that like in Santa Clarita. Also spending time with my mom and sister playing scrabble, uno, apples to apples, or just going to the movies make me happy because I love spending time with my friends and family. I believe so many people are unhappy because it starts out with your childhood. If your childhood was really bad and you were kept in the dark most the the it's likely that once you get older you won’t experience happiness like you would have as a little kid, but other times some people do experience happiness like they were a little kid and that's a good thing. Some just are naturally unhappy because they experienced a bad thing in their childhood like someone in here life dying and it just emotionally broke them so they are just naturally unhappy. Happiness is when you do or see something that puts you in a good mood and you start smiling. It could be you finally beat a hard level in a game, that guy you like asked you out, or something as simple as your favorite tv show is on. Happiness isn’t an impossible thing to get sometimes it just happens and you can’t explain it. Happiness is an important thing in life because you can’t just go through life without putting a smile on your face. There are always thing in life that will make someone smile some smile other chose not to.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Things meaningful to me.

   Things that are meaningful to who I am are: my skateboard, the clothing that i wear, the music that i choose to listen to. I choose these thing to be meaningful to who I am because they are what makes me who I am. My skateboard is a meaningful thing to me because it tell people that i like to skateboard and that my favorite Pro-Skater is Lizard King. The clothing that i wear tells people that i choose to be different and not to follow others. The music that i listen to tells other that i like being different and i like to express it in my music. Other Things that make me feel who i am are the way i act. The way i act is meaningful to me because i act weird it express the fact that i like to be different and that it´s okay to be different. My friends are meaningful to me because they are weird like me too and when we get together and a big group of funny weirdos. These things are the most meaningful things too me, because they are who i am. They tell me people i'm not afraid to be different and that i'm not alone. Other things that are more meaningful to me are my mom and my uncle. My mom is meaningful to me because she raised me and my sister with little to no help, and with barely having money she still gave us things we wanted. My uncle is meaningful to me as well because he was like a father to me. He taught me all the things a father teaches you and plenty more. Those are the things more meaningful to me.